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Sunday, July 31, 2005

Permanent electronic records...

Books and paper documents can so easily be destroyed - fire, flood, earthquake ... not to mention destruction either deliberate or accidental by human forces. So now there's the internet. But how ephemeral is that? Records lost as easily as the destruction of a hard drive, or the urge to take down a website. Perhaps there is new hope in this recent article from the Wall Street Journal Lawyers were able to turn to "the Wayback Machine, a massive archive of Web pages dating back nine years."
this has been very useful to them in a variety of cases.

I can't help throwing up my hands in horror, though. Despite being a librarian and an inveterate hoarder (or maybe because of this last and the resulting problems in my poor home!!), I cannot imagine how much trivia there is filed away in the Wayback Machine.

And the name - ah a great fantasy novel in the making ...


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