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Monday, June 27, 2005

Libraries provide internet access

One of the great values of libraries if their ability to equalise access to information. And this is no less the case for information from the internet. The American Library Association has just released a report that says that "99.6 percent of libraries are now connected to Internet, with all but a handful offering access to the public. That compares with 20.9 percent in 1994 when the study was first conducted." There is similar coverage in Australia, but this must not be a case for complacency. As ANICK JESDANUN points out in an article for Seattle Post, computer time still has to be limited at busy periods. If it takes people two hours to fill in an application form or resume, then this is very limiting indeed. She also quotes Andy Carvin, an expert in improving access to technology and the Internet as saying "While most of America's middle class has Internet access at home, there's still a digital divide among low-income citizens, people with limited education, ethnic minorities and other groups."

We need more space as well as more funds for computer access ... as always!!


  • Thanks for the plug! One correction, though - Anick Jesdanun is a he, not a she. :-)


    By Blogger Andy Carvin, at 12:05 AM  

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