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Thursday, June 09, 2005

Search For Information Wasting Professionals' Time

In my reserch for marketing strategies for ITC internationalI came across this article from Media Post.

"Anthea Stratigos, CEO of Outsell, reporting on the survey results, "2001 vs. 2005: Research Study Reveals Dramatic Changes Among Information Consumers," concludes that professionals are shifting away from their Internet research methods of just four years ago to more efficiently gather information and get on with their jobs. They are now looking more to their peers and colleagues, "alerting" services, and other conveniences.
According to the new survey, 67 percent of professionals now go to the open Web for information, versus 79 percent in 2001. Fifteen percent rely on their corporate intranets (up from 5 percent), and nine percent consult their colleagues (up from 5 percent). In addition when seeking information fewer now prefer to get it themselves (51% down from 68%) preferring to rely on regularly scheduled updates, members of their team, or their library."

or their library..... or their library...!!

Do I have to say more?

I do have to say it is very welcome to have recognition from outside for the role that our industry and its professionals can play - the role they have always known they could play, and that they do.


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