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Sunday, June 05, 2005

Video games as a service

Providing services that the customer expects is vital to success. But creating new customers is another issue entirely. Providing video game tournaments in the library - a service to be expected or a marketing tool to create more customers? Well I guess it depends on what has gone before. Do it the first time and it's marketing. Make it a regular thing and it's a service to be expected. Either way the library wins, given adequate planning and skills. But it has to be a wonderful marketing tool. Which is why this article is so useful. But I have to say I simply enjoyed reading it - for its language and for the wonderful amount of useful detail included. See for yourself...

Video games as a service – hosting tournaments at your library Disclaimer: Eli is a Computer Geek and Erin is a Media Junkie. Jargon found below may reflect these contexts. We include a glossary for your convenience; glossary terms appear in bold italics within the text and are defined in a sidebar on page 453.] Libraries are in the content delivery business, capisce? It’s that simple, or it used to be. The challenge is that our customers’ conceptions of what constitutes both content and delivery are changing fast, especially among those who are substantially younger than the McDLT. If teenagers come to the public library, they will find content that appeals to them, especially when they have access to good collections of popular music, movies, magazines, and manga. Note the “if.” Libraries realize that we need to take steps to get this generation in the door before they become jaded blog-reading, Netflix-subscribing, Googlefu masters who can’t imagine why someone would bother actually going to the library. We need a hook, or as they call it ... Article continues


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