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Tuesday, February 14, 2006

Cooee! Aussie books

Get lost in Aussie books
Cooee! website live all year Cooee! family summer reading club 2005/6 was developed by the State Library of Queensland in collaboration with Qld Public Libraries to engage children and young people in the discovery of great Australian books, reading, writing and art activities during the summer holidays.  The program was conducted in public libraries throughout Queensland and via the interactive website website will remain online for use in schools as curriculum support.In levels 1, 2, & 3 you can access:
Choose your own adventure stories by Queensland authors Jill Morris, Rebecca Johnson, Anita Bell, Josie Montano and Pat Flynn
What happens next? Continuous stories by Narelle Oliver
Book Reviews
Activity sheets
In the ‘for the whole family’ section you will find: Reading Compass – young readers can match a book to their interests
Transcripts of online chats with Andy Griffiths and Meme McDonald
Pirate Plunge fun interactive game
A-Z: know your library
Celebrity readers
…..and test your own knowledge of Aussie books, play the adult book quiz.


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