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Thursday, March 10, 2005

New forms of search to research

Websearch University is an annual conference. Find out how to use blogs, RSS, and news aggregators as a search tool in your work. Yahoo’s John Glickspoke at the last Websearch university and shared his notes in his blog ….
Class Notes from WebSearch University Conference
-Web search has now become the de-facto starting point for most researchers, …
-There was a lot of focus on data available on the "invisible web," and a lot of interest in what steps we are taking to make this data searchable. To this end, I was able to demo the new partnership Yahoo! has with that allows Yahoo! searchers to find out if books are available at their local library (part of our Public Site Match Program where Yahoo! partners with numerous not-for-profits).
-With information increasingly available, lots of people were looking for new solutions to better track, store and categorize the information that they have found; traditional IE bookmarks and folders aren't sufficient for many advanced searches.

-News Alerts and RSS feeds are becoming increasingly important for staying on top of areas of interest.


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