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Tuesday, February 22, 2005

Library confidentiality

The issue of confidentiality as it pertains to library records is raising its head in America, and, therefore will be impacting on us in Australia as well. These two articles illustrate the importance of maintaining that confidentiality, even though it would seem to be totally against the best interests of all concerned.

Librarian fired for "good deed" that violated confidentiality
Steve Roberts, a former librarian at the Johnson County Central Library, did not take the library's confidentiality policy lightly. Overland Park police officer Tony Latus stepped up to the desk on Feb. 1 and asked Roberts for the telephone number of a library patron whose wallet had been found in a supermarket …article continues
Libraries, law officers sometimes clash

Dane County Sheriff's Detective David Mahoney walked into the Rosemary Garfoot Public Library in Cross Plains on Dec. 30 and asked to see the library's Internet sign-in sheet for the day.
Assistant Library Director Sue Freedman said no.
There was no unpleasantness in the exchange. Freedman said Mahoney was "very understanding" and waited several hours while she called the village attorney for legal advice. When she eventually told Mahoney that she would not turn over the sheet without a warrant, he left. Article continues


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