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Wednesday, April 05, 2006

Using your Classification Skills

*Changing Things*

by Tinker Massey

“ …What I have found interesting is the invitation to reorganize a complete library. The church that has adopted me has a library without a librarian. Some years ago this person spent endless hours cataloging a lot of books into an organized entity of Dewey labeled materials. She did a great job as far as I could tell, even developing a card catalog and procedures for check-outs, etc. The plea from the Church was that no one used it because they couldn’t figure out the system…”

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  • A small collection arranged using Dewey can be an ugly thing indeed.
    Bronwyn, I have come here via Jessamyn West's blog and am wondering why I haven't found your blog elsewhere in libraryland.
    Did you know about - there are a few librarians on there. The tags there are rather messy, but otherwise it seems to be working fairly well for a new site.

    By Blogger genevieve, at 10:11 PM  

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