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Thursday, March 30, 2006

Librarians - space marine heroes

Thanks to Miriam for this description from White Dwarf Magazine


Of all the Space Marine heroes, there are some who stand apart from their brethren like no others. These are the Space Marine Librarians, both cursed and gifted with potent psychic powers that are honed by decades of study, prayer and experience to make them the most powerful battle psykers in the galaxy.

The Librarian fulfils many roles within the Chapter, and employing their terrifying powers to smite the enemies of the Emperor is but one. It is they who use their powers to probe every corner of a potential recruit's mind, searching for any sign of corruption or weakness. Should such a taint be discovered, it is they who will destroy the potential recruit to ensure that his corruption spreads no further. These are but part of the Librarians' tasks for it they who record the Chapter's glorious history, its victories, its honours and its heroes....


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