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Tuesday, January 10, 2006

Library and Information Industry trends

"Wrapping Up 2005; Looking  Forward"
“2005 was quite a momentous year, by almost any measure-devastating hurricanes, earthquakes, floods, the ongoing war in Iraq, worldwide terrorist attacks, a new pope, changes in the Supreme Court, political wrangling, data thefts, scandals, and more. Possibly the biggest headlinesfor the year in our world-the library community and the informationindustry-centered on the various content digitization efforts, particularlyGoogle's book scanning project, and the reactions of publishers andlibraries. The biggest drivers of the news were not traditional informationindustry companies but "GYM"-Google, Yahoo!, and Microsoft. Of the 88NewsBreaks posted this year on the site, 24 (or 27percent) covered news from these three or another Internet search company,such as Ask Jeeves, AOL, blinkx, or Amazon. Another 12 articles coveredcontent/service offerings from startups or ot her companies not consideredto be "traditional" content providers, including companies like Newstex,Healthline,,, and PubSub.”  Article continues
(You can review the full list of NewsBreaks at


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